As the quiet rise of personal nutritional empowerment silently reaches through the whispers and echoes in the back of the minds of the patient/doctor relationships...and increasingly better QUALITY OF LIFE outcomes materialize, and spreads into academic change, health insurance change: WE, at the NAF, are the premiere team player driving your organization's change process in staff, allocation of resources, patient/doctor awareness and priority shifts in recruitment, human capital, training, software IT strategy, and the treatment of patient care today

AS The list of reversed cancers, diabetes, arthritis and bone joint cartiledge damage, blood chemical imbalances, vision loss, hearing loss, smelling loss, tactile sensation loss, neuropathies, neurological disorders, chronic gastritis, sleep disorders, obesity, heart disease, migraines, chron's disease, alzheimer's, mood disorders, are too long to list here.. with the advent of a new dimension in the team work relationship between patient/doctor and the disciplined rise in highly informed nutritionally aware choices, primarily tracked with food journaling (using something as simple as google calendar, iphones, or handwritten on the individual level, and new software and AI on the institutional levels) : the profundity of results are becoming increasingly staggering. IT works.

The ability for both patient and doctor to 'see the broader cycle' of recovery occur over days, weeks, months, and years...and lean away from the 'quick fix' mentality of 'conventional medicines" is increasingly becoming self evident in the quality of life existence of a patient cohort and as a line of treatment. NAF recognizes some, not all, public sentiment that seeks to get past just empty platitudes, lip-served-to-get-paid antics, or non-research backed efficacy *(funded usually by commercial interests, and less patient , or integrally humanitarian interests.)

As patients co-learn with their doctors and continue close watch of logging anabolic/catabolic phase variability (when food is ate) with vagal nerve stimulation via breathing exercises (how rest and digest is impacted with breath), assure vitamin adequacy -( most commonly in north america D3, K2 B12), and learn to rule out what foods harm them (usually added salt, sugar, oil, but not always), and having trained expert nutritionists, lifestyle and recovery coaches, and mentors available as an active part of the treatment plans for patient care...the undeniable positive results continue to roll in from this shift in the zeitgeist.


INitiative #1.B
Updated 7.23.19

Outreach to Local Community Hospital Boards Leaders and Staff, Pharmaceutical Company Boards and Staff, Academic Curricula Development in Physician Training Schools to Boards and Staff, Community Mental Health Centers Boards and Staff , Healthcare Insurers and Provider Boards and Staff, News/Media Agencies, other non-profits, WORLD Governments and Individual Persons

Our primary initiative is to DEVELOP RELATIONSHIP & Continue CO-LEARNING as a team player within the RESPECT owed to the existing body of ordained professionals whose qualifications and existing codes of ethics, order, and conduct are something we hold with the fullest extent of such respect. To clarify, NAF is not 'telling others how they should run their practices." (Rather, This would be the furthest mis-conception of not only our initiative, but as well as the meaning of why I, and many voices like mine, came here, so to speak. ) We are rather pursuant to relationships with you and your teams and staff and persons/clients/patients as an asset & ally.. to advance the conversation : "nutrition as 'a way' for first line of defense, treatment, and reversal/cure or decrease of en vivo symptoms to dis-ease".

WE collaborated, and continue to collaborate, as we accept invitations many of you in our aforementioned bespoke communities and initiatories have graciously offered us. As we have been within many of your boardroom minutes, marketing departments, company meetings, staff/coaches meetings, conferences, lunch and learns, and other programs incepted as a result of this great era of nutritional concomitnance.

We have only undying gratitude for the collective efforts that are making

this hallmark and era of nutritional awareness's impact felt. As well , we have co-learned so much more, as we brainstorm with you for fostering micro-initiatives within the given existing structures - within our aforementioned bespoke communities- so that we foster, engender, and catalyze the many different ideas and ways for raising awareness as it impact in delivering patient and personal care methodologies and we note the powerful breakthroughs specifically with food addiction recovery and habit adaptation skills. With our permitted reference to the invaluable resource and its 24/7 online support for addiction recovery using cognitive behavioral therapy based principles... the ever increasing results of nutritional concomitnance is starting to turn the tides en masse all over the populations worldwide. "it's not about perfection, but a way an average person can finally build their own lessons of how one responds to foods as they grow, develop, and engage life."

In closing, as the intensity, duration, impact, consequences of nutritional compromise in the human health happens in the USA with levels of repeated dependency into treatments and procedures that , in all integrity and legitimacy , consequentially end up - some, not all of the time- promoting disruptions to the enzyme hormonal environment within the microbiome, intestinal villi, and the overall neurobiological proportionality that can also ACT as a potential cure as well -via the probability and efficacy achieved via personal food journaling and nutritional awareness concomitnancy: NAF promotes the onset of changing the way the current zeitgeist of how the western approach to medicine advances "NUTRITION AS A FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE , PREVENTION, AND CURE"

Our position is substantiated as and ally and asset. NAF's effort of our aforementioned outreach to your team members is with respect to their time, decision making consequences, or any conflicts of interest that need navigated. If you find yourself curious to learn more or may like to start the conversation with us or are curious as to how we can fit into raising the metrics of outcome determinants in your hospital patient outcomes, your own outcome, or your organization as a whole, feel free to message at




We understand that the NAF message and purpose is highly desired now. Doctors, leaders, staff, patients, and the public are hungry for the message: NUTRITIONAL CONCOMITNANCY (NC). PERSONAL FOOD JOURNALING AND AWARENESS IS WORKING AT A PACE EXCEEDING PREVIOUS CONVENTIONAL PHARMACY AND PROCEDURES. Doctors and teams of nutritionists want it (NC) in their patients records and effort. We know its not a matter of "is it wanted"- As leaders we know you are asking yourself- "How can we get it done? How can we get these metrics in place ASAP." That's where we can partner with you, if you find you want us to come in and assist with your initiatives, order, and measuring of efficacies, comparitatives, etc. drop us a line.

AS the vetting and "qualification of options" process ensues within the decision stakeholders of your respective organizations : NAF understands each modality, manner, and level of implementation will differ for achieving an active engagement. We know you have enough health care software in your organization, and your IT staffs are most already happy to develop code and product modifications to your needs. Our role at NAF-is simply to allow your decision making to carry another step forward in the advancement for how NC is becoming more and more applied in Doctor-patient treatment and Diagnostics.

What NAF does offer is dove-tailing and helping you implement what you envision by assisting assembling what resources you like to see happen in your already changing environments. NAF can vet and offer to your attention your specified options for either trainings (via a proprietary panelist of board certified doctors who already treat patients with food/nutritional sequencing NA, other countries leadership perspectives, existing verified nutritional research to support the re-trainings you may want, further proprietary trainings, and trademarked technologies. ) Topics as to how the specifics of the enzyme hormonal relationship vie food sequencing intakes impact a patient's symptoms, and influences with other medications perhaps, to other important change agent information. Like one of the CEO's of the largest hospitals we've engaged said in his blog, "We know you want people out of hospitals and off of medications".

AS well, if there are other ways you seek to craft your own message to advance the "nutrition as a first line of action." NAF can help implement that... From the beginning level of transformative ways in your facilities kitchen food service options , vending machine presence, to the hallway signage, to the way care/treatment is administered with staff training on food journaling, or signage that suggests specific food anecdotal sequences and the enzyme hormonal environment, or either omissions or commissions of food options, to the way doctors monitor labs. WE understand the power of what this message will do in your organization. Yet, we have been noted for our relatively meteoric transformational asset ability. NAF is here to serve to that capacity. Every case is unique, every organization is unique.. We understand there is no 'one size fits all.' The secret is that there is no secret, the magic, is that there is none.

We understand the very careful considerations you must make in your responsibility owed to the way your implementations, trainings, internal programs impacts your population's time and attention. WE recognize the golden question: "How is the population left remarking after contact with your organization?" Understanding both bottom line results of profit & community creation of higher quality of life/health outcomes, NAF fully respects how it creates your community, how it supports your public image, how it either attracts or detracts appeal, increases quality of populus cohort image in the community. All of this we share the great burden of responsibility with you.

Critically, the question of how to best use your population's time for the most valuable, meaningful, and utility of transformative training remains? How then are we, as an organization to reach a place where the baseline metrics of such and undertaking can be clearly tracked? What will be the measures?

In fact, as we serve not just the 'in-patient cohort' , but consider our impact in service to you personally, ourselves, and all employees, patients, consultants, and staff of your organization.. we recognize there is this 'measurement gap' of efficacy for the sake of observing any tangibly correlations to the personal food journaling of a person to their own lab results on whatever baselines are becoming measured...NAF can offer tracking services as well, which is unprecedented in the industry as the fact of iatrogenic tracking is largely unofficial as well.

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