F.A.S.T - Food Anecdotal sequencing technology- What is that!?

What is this F.A.S.T business about?

Here at NAF- Nutritional Awareness Foundation- we hold the individual person is the choice maker and ultimate responsible party for creating their own ingestion narrative. As congruent with our mission statement, we believe it is possible for the human being with free choice to identify their own positive probabilities when engaging the ingestion process and food choice consequences.

Our F.A.S.T program directive , which is free to the public and first discovered and termed by our founder, Max Heter, is a self directed program that focuses on the individual to be able to use a food journal to keep accurate track records or their ingestion-digestion= probable health outcome equation. Expressed in a ratio as follows:


NAF holds that an active participant in applying the Food Anecdotal Sequencing Technology (or technique, if you prefer... will inevitably to be able to autonomously self direct past the influx of diet fads out there and be able to self empowering discern for themselves what is effective, what is not, and be able to more self responsibly accomplish one's own optimal health goals. That said, NAF, recognizes that all health goals for an individual will differ, and we understand the reality of addiction, and the need for addiction recovery management solutions as well. Currently, we do say we hold one position about this issue. WE advocate 2 specific free online support , 24/7 at www.smartrecovery.org & www.sfhelp.org. For those who may benefit from addiction recovery support. I know I have as well.

The Food Anecdotal Sequencing Technology allows the practitioner to do any number of food sequences that end up achieving their own optimal probable health outcome. For instance, I simply omit added salt, sugar, oil, processed food, dairy and limit grass fed meat product, try to allow 12-16 hours between my last meal of the day, and first meal of the next day *(to allow my body to catabolize or digest and absorb all the nutrients I chose to put into it).. and my food journal happen to show me that eating mostly leafy greens *(for the isothiocyanates), raw cruciferous vegetables I whip up in the food processor to help unlock the sulphophorane compounds, beans for the inositol pentakisphosphate to line my GI tract and regulate glycemic *sugar) I give myself via fruits, onions for quercitin and other organosulfides for immunity performance, brown mushrooms for the angiogenesis inhibitors that help cut off the veins that feed the fatty and tumorous tissues I may have, berries for the anthocyanins, and sesame/flax/chia seeds for the lignens.

Just because my food journal had currently led me to reach my PHO ( Probable Health Outcome) does not serve the mission of NAF. I am happy to share how that has worked for me, in case others try and it works for them, hence, why I have my food journal posted here, so others can see it, and also to show the public that I too, am self responsible for walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

The following is an example of F.A.S.T

Monday 1.13.19 -

8 am : soda, cheetos, apple

10 am: snickers

12 noon: salad with ranch, fries

2pm I noticed that I felt tired, with a usual lunch time lull

8pm: mac n cheese

9pm: Felt bloated, but ok and slept well

Tuesday 1.14.19

8 am :Donut, coffee, smoke

*busy missed snaking at 10 am

12 noon: Salad only , just vinegar, no oil

2pm noticed I was not getting the lunch time lull

maybe will try this 'light lunch' idea or salad with

no oil idea again tomorrow

7:30 pm: Hamburger helper

Felt Bloated, but nothing major , slept good