F.A.R.M: Food addiction recovery management

What 'makes' food usage different from food addiction?

WE all need and want food... so what's makes it an addiction versus not? Can I be 'addicted' to SELF DEFINED healthy clean eating just as much as being addicted, per se, to the usual junk foods- salty, sugary, oily snacks and convenient stores, the gym vending machine, or grandma's kitchen table? Just because I drank 6 beers, ate 3 donuts, triple melted cheese bacon pepperoni pizza, and bag of pork rinds, why am I so confident I am not an addict?

These are the sorts of questions I'll try to debunk here. The ultimate decision maker is not me, your doctor, but you.... and how you self define the lines of problematic, maladaptive, or moderation, or flat out addiction. However, there are a few key things with food that make it different than todays more commonly noted addictions *(i.e. internet pornography, alcohol, opiates, sex, marijuana, narcotics -painkillers, crack, cocaine., or even other less commonly considered obsessive compulsive behaviors like common things such as just working , too much yoga or breathwork, or money/ambition/enterprise or gambling addiction)

To better assist you, or someone you know, about if or to what degree one may or may not be 'addicted' to food.. the primary question we, here at NAF, advocate that you ask, is : Does your food eating habits creative negative consequences? Harm relationships? A source of emotional coping and self stimulation that is not in congruence with your True values?

I know that is very tough line of questioning to really mull over until you can make an accurate assessment. Therefore, as a support to the evolving nature of addiction recovery, as there are as many paths to reaching addiction free living as there are human beings.. We have included to links to a few FREE, yes FREE, non profit sites that are very helpful for this cause.

www.smartrecovery.org - This site is a Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy site

www.sfhelp.org - This site is a modality of therapy based in IFS or Inner Family Systems

Both advocate plausible pathways to assist and individual on the path of change. And as you may know, I too am a recovering addict and work hard just like you to maintain a strong course of positive direction

So...in conclusion... There is a narrative we all 'tell ourselves' in our head that lies at the heart of our choices. Finding the 'true to yourself' inner voice is the aim of the above links. For this topic's point, I would , for simplicity's sake, and not get into a long discussion as to 'what is truth'... I would say that the 'true to you' mean 'whatever works for you for your self defined value based outcome is on your current stage of change, learning, or lessons you are facing' .. That said, I know there is ever this foggy grey line between how one can deceive oneself into getting away with their behaviors as , afterall, only an individual is capable of defining the value with which one wants to choose, freely, to put themselves in line with.. Thus, in order to maintain a freedom of choice element, that all humans have, there is simply going to be this 'eye of observer', AKA you. And it is the individual you who can find out what works best is why we do what we do in raising awareness, and charge nothing, and accept no donations...not even from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation... We seek to remain pure and true to our values that well-being and life-affirming motive remain uncorrupted by me, the founder... so that I am not misperceived as a profiteer or manipulating my non profit to take advantage of donations. I too must work in the state of society as it is, not as I would have it... and it would be a disservice to my cause , and to you, the reader and practitioner of nutritional awareness if I were to accept money for what I do.