Building the 'love ya back' salad

Dressing- in food processor
pinto bean
5 garlic cloves
Dried whole chipotle
1 whole mejdol date
vinegar to liking

Fresh leafy greens
Raw chopped red onion
Raw mushroom


the Beauty of raw organic cauliflower, mixed leafy greens


peanut butter pomegranate flax seed balls!

Peanut butter powder Sugar Free


Yes, I do eat Meat, especially on kc chiefs days!

Grass Fed Beef. 1.75lbs!
Heineken light beer - 6 pack
Mushroom Celery steamed


Date - Nut Cacao balls!

Cacao date nut flax balls!!!

All this , and staying ripped, at 43.5 years old!!!!

Jan 10 2019

Greens, beans, onions, mushroom, seed salad


cacao flax date walnut cinnamon ginger bombs


Another incredible Fresh leafy green salad with a dressing made from the following in the food processor

Garbanzo bean- Salt Free
distilled water
chili powder
turmeric root powder
fresh whole garlic


Another Salad, Hummus and Banana whipped with berry for dessert! Then got hungry again, and went for that hummus at 730, pm, shucks, want to give my tummy rest for catabolsim!!


See if yo u Can now identify the foods, instead of me telling all, or you can just review prior entries.. what to you think I am eating and why!!! Have FUn


A lovely , tasty, and scientifically medicinal huge salad!

Huge bowl of fresh salad mixed leafy greens- 3.99 at an Aldi's grocer, washed and ready to eat.. then topped with fresh red onion *( for the quercetin flavonoid and sulphur based qualities) and fresh hand crushed raw baby portabella. 3.49 lb... added for the angiogenesis inhibition...

Next: the dressing, which is practically a meal in itself.. broccoli, carrot, fresh raw garlic, radish... churned up nice in the food processor to get the volume of it lower in the holding container... then walnut, avocode, dried chipotle pepper, pint bean *(salt free, for the desired daily inositol pentakisphosphate action in bean)

....whew, man oh man, I am so stuffed and feel so alive!!


Beautiful organic deep purple cabbage juice... With Golden beet and garlic turmeric garbanzo bean flaxseed chia seed sesame seed miso... And then a beautiful whole leafy green salad made with a walnut apple vinegar Chipotle garbanzo water dressing

Particularly, the purple cabbage is purportedly said to have 9x the vitamin C of orang juice *(fresh, not suga added).. Additionally, the rich color is a deep purple hue.. thus, it coincidentally happens to be close to the same color of human blood when it is in circulation within the body... (not when the blood is seen red when one cuts themselves and the blood is exposed to open air)... I'm not suggesting there is clinical proof of the positive impact or healing correcting quality of the Anthocyanin and glutamine compounds said to be found in cabbage juice.. I can not say that with any certainty, I keep my own food journal, monitor my own ingestion and digestion outcomes, and take applicable actions upon myself according what my mistakes and corrections show me and my particular food sequencing technology

Below, we have a half golden beet, sought after by me for the zeaxanthin for macular improvement, or my eyes.. Additionally, I have been using DHA=EPA algae based products as well , which seems to work in step with the timing of my vision correction..

Also , the addition of flax, chia, sesame, whole garlic, and pinto and garbanzo bean *( salt free)- for the inositol pentakis phosphate on the GI lining and glycemic regulation

Below, I ate the finished product by using whole raw brown baby portabella mushrooms as "chips' and raw onion for onion rings, and celery.. .

Below, we have a nice dressing: Vinegar, whole garlic cloves, sesame , chia, flax, lime, garbanzo, 1 whole dried chipotle pepper whipped up in food processor, takes about 3 minutes. ....All food are salt, sugar, oil free


WHOLE Golden Beet, Raw Garlic, Black Bean, Raw Onion, Garbanzo, Turmeric , Chia, Flax, Sesame, Walnut, Whipped in food processor

The phytochemical release via the good processor is key. By finely using the food processor to masticate the phytonutrients helps release the medicinal effects of these simple foods. You can peak further down the list to read a tad more on each specific phytochemical. The key thing is the chemical interactions within the gut microbiome


Brown Mushroom, Walnut, Sesame, Flax, Chia, Garbonzo, Chipotle pepper, Fresh clean leafy organic greens, with Celery...& Raw Broccoli, Carrot, Garbanzo , Garlic, Chipotle whip

In the food processor, I mixed fresh brown baby portabella mushrooms for the angiogenesis inhibiting quality, to cut the veins off that fee tumorous and fatty subcutaneous and viceral fats, Walnut for the Alpha - Linolenic Acid that aids in brain health, eye health, precursory combination to the DHA EPA algae drops I take daily and its polyphenols, and aid to nutritional absorption of the vitamin D3, K2, B12 adequacy I happen to notice I need given the majority plant based diet I happen to engage. The Bean for the inostitol pentakis phosphate and effect on the GI lining and micro hairs along the colon intestinal tract, to aid in glycemic regulation from the sugars I eat in fruit... The leafy greens , cut nicely in the food processor , advance release or myronase , the active chemical that can mix with the rest of the leaf to form isothiocyanates for its many disease fighting properties..

12.13.18 Well, its football time with our local Nfl team, so went for the occasional grass fed rib eye and salad

Grass Fed Steak and Salad

Salad dressing: walnut, garbonzo bean, flax, chia,sesame, orange , apple, garlic, vinegar

Salad Greens 3.99 lb at Aldi's - organic mixed washed

Steak - Grass Fed Ribeyes! 8.99 lb on special , So I got luck

Enjoy your ingestion narrative, write your own love story..learn to love foods that love you back

12.12.18 Another great joy of mixing up the foods that happen to love me back! What foods love you?

Chickpea Miso with Celery used as a spoon to eat + leftover chili!!

Today's lil' secret sauce found me using the food processor once again *( highly recommended trying to find one new or at thrift store!) I used 8 cloves of garlic, for both the spiciness and the rich organo-sulphur compounds... teaspoon turmeric, half a dried chipotle pepper, water, orange, chickpeas *(salt free) pressed on, and viola got this beauty out of it.. I used celery to dip it with.

Next, you see the left over bean *(for the inostitol pentikasphosphate interaction within my micro biome I am building an specfic GI bacteria/algae bloom with) , broccoli, mushroom, multi colored carrot, celery chili... then a little bowl of blue berry for the anthocyanics... I also took a table spoon of flax, chia, sesame seed, and chewed it up a lot *(aka masticating it into a pulp) to release all the lignans that serve to facilitate the antioxidizing phytoestrogenic connection with enterodial and enteractone in the bacteriaal culture and algae bloom I am creating in my stomach for optimal health and immunity

This is the meal of the day 12.10.18

Brussel sprout chili with salad

Simple. Brussel sprouts, mushroom (for angiogenesis inhibition- meaning the fungal compounds of brown, baby portabella mushrooms work to cut of the veins that serve subcutaneous and viceral fats and tumorous tissues. The key is to only slightly steam them, so as to not cook out the active fungal component.) Canned salt free kidney bean *( beans don't leech that much if at all in a can, so they do not have a negative effect on the body). Celery, chili powder, garlic cloves, (for flavor, not for nutritional value, because in order to get the active sulphur based compounds in garlic, one needs to eat it raw or diced fresh in a dressing. Canned salt free tomato. NO ADDED SALT SUGAR OR OIL, BIG KEY THING.


Salad- base is fresh mixed greens *(available at Aldi's grocery for 3.99/lb and contains very good colorful mix of all the necessary greens like arugula, spinach, dandelion, radiccio. Fresh raw cut onion, celery

Using a simple 4 cup size food processor: fresh cranberries, 6 big cloves fresh garlic, 4 -6 tablespoons of vinegar, walnuts, and few slices of apple *(for sweetening). Walnuts contain a very specific fat called ALA Alpha linolic *(big word, so must be good right? lol.) I'll share more about how and why this is one of the best sources of fat to give yourself

12.11.18 Curative dressing for my particular micrbiota

This is a very nice simple basic salad dressing that can be made bye putting an orange Apple walnuts and vinegar into a food processor...

coming up after the work out of the day

still growing inner GI microbiome algae bloom in catabolism phase of digestion... will be out shortly with the food choice of the day