"why" we do what we do?
Because We evolve with the pace of change

People DO cure themselves WITH you

You may already be asking yourself: Why on Earth is NAF existing? Don't we all already know what's best to eat? Isn't it just a matter of doing it? Why bother advancing Nutritional Concomitnancy into mainstream medicine and zeitgeist? How does this NAF, have any value, utility, meaning, and service to me, my team, and my organization's goals?

Aside from the iatrogenic issue, NAF proffers: AS doctors and health care deliverers are more and more often hearing the feedback from patients that 'what they ate' affected them: either cause and/or cures...NAF has been formed. The dialogue of food choice is no longer a 'to be ignored' echo chamber going in the background while 'modern medicine' advances itself otherwise. (Especially as models of care change from 'fee for service to pay for value." ) Somebody has got to pick up this 'not so easy to look at' wake of iatrogens and do something. NAF is that organization. NAF's skill sets include collaborations with top tier board certified doctors in the nutritional concomitinance space to assist the pace of the movement with a sense of understanding in how this influences the current doctor patient relationship.

Hospitals are turning into education centers, public image transformers, and paradigm shifters. As well, the host of well intended first line treatments/procedures begetting side effects also has left its mark...often leaving people to fend for themselves in how to "figure it out." It is no longer a cost of casualty of iatrogenic issue that need go unserved. Action within your organization and yourself, can be executed with or without NAF. Though NAF offers the Founder's F.A.S.T - food anecdotal sequencing technology and training program, Panelist speaking and educational training on site, as well as in-house appointments in your organization if an office on site will serve and enhance your mission, vision, values Additionally., NAF partners - free of charge- with an incredibly effective resource offering 24/7 online addiction recovery support and daliy online meetings with its F.A.R.M Food addiction recovery network service to www.smartrecovery.org and ecumenical CBT based purveyor or support for food addiction.

We understand the dynamic forces in which your decisions shape the next level of transformation in your organization. Perhaps its best to add what our "Why" is not. NAF is not to 'take the place' of any existing roles or otherwise. NAF is not just the traditional 'convincing game' to have your team and attention "see it" NAF's way when it comes the niche claim we serve. Nor is our motive to get your organization to get on board with the next gen software solution, pharma breakthrough, or win a contract with you. As we know that the majority of such demands on your team's attention is usually comprised of people and interests trying to sell you something for profit -versus- humanitarian motives.

As the increasing body of evidence pours in of how patients/cohorts and even staff/leadership are resolving more and more health issues with the advent of the tandem use nutritional concomitnancy and that of the current care methods: The distinguished initiative and honor we , at NAF, have to serve is the furthering advancement of this cusp of efficacy. It is the position that NAF holds, that as the role of care deliverers shifts, with intensity and gravitas, to be even more centered on the nutritional concominancia as a more primary functional part of the treatment equation, lab analysis, symptom tracking, and even prescription writing: NAF holds that the 'yet to be determined' outcomes will continually be able to be even further monitored, tracked, and bear efficacy. Worth reiterating: hospitals are educational centers to keep people out of hospitals and/or doctor care. NAF holds that within the existing schools of thought in the existing care delivery, the efficacy of nutrition's impact on the enzyme hormonal environment will advance to previously unprecedented impact. As NAF's credibility continues to expand not only into the current hospital industry but our partnerships expand into top medical school curriculums, pharmaceutical clinical studies, and publicity/media...the estimated completed transition for the zeitgeist's shift is estimated to be 2025-2030 for completion. That is just 10 short years.

Your concluding question may have you asking- how can I advance this with or without NAF? That is the golden question. WE want to truly support and an all you may be considering. Sure, the ways are many. Business and life moves fast in your organization. You might want to create an office or position within your organization, appoint a leader to spearhead this movement, develop internal campaigns and shift the marketing departments literature and ad campaigns to 'send the message of nutritional awareness or food journaling' with a more serious tone? You may want to hire a panel to foster re-training your top staff for 1 hour regarding the latest nutritional findings and probabilities. Use signages , re -configure your kitchen food choices and menu to promote awareness according to the standards you choose to set forth. Yes, you can choose campaigning hard specifics of omission *(i.e salt, sugar, oil, processed foods.) and suggest intakes of fresh leafy greens, beans, onions, brown mushrooms, berries, seeds... or what ever it is that your nutrition department deems sound and cleared. Our work, at NAF is to advance the decision making in favor of nutritional awareness. We don't tread into other areas, but we do have a board certified panel we can refer you to for program design.

In conclusion, WE respect that our very narrow, but YET increasingly VERY important niche served within the changing face of healthcare, including your organization, is a NEW thing. We do not portend to play 'doctor' or otherwise non-align our message in any wise contradictory or over stepping the line of what our awareness of nutrition is best called to do. Though we have been called the catalyst of the next era of healthcare, as our record of influencing this transformational change has shown, we now are past all this "buzz word empty platitude speak."..lets get to it!!! you are welcome to message us at info@nutrtionalawarenessfoundation.org if you think we could be of a better direct service to how you see the face of your organization going.